Prep – 4 Transition Dates

During the formal Transitional phase for students entering Prep at the Primary Campus children are involved in a number of activities that help them feel more comfortable within the school environment.

Activities include literacy & numeracy sessions that involve the use of an electronic whiteboard, along with art/craft and physical education sessions.

The times of the transition days are varied as to provide different experiences for the students, including them having both their recess and lunch breaks as they would during their Prep Year.

Please refer below to important dates for your child’s transition:


School Readiness Program

Commencing Week Two of Term 4 (for eight weeks))
This program is held in a fully functioning Prep Class with a qualified early childhood/primary trained staff member.

Individual Transition Day:

Wednesday 9th December – 9.30am – 12.45pm

For further information please contact Campus Leading Teacher Megan Rae or Transition Co-ordinator Tracie Holgate on 5744 3104 or via email