Our Staff

From their very first day in Prep to the last time a student walks through the school doors as a Year 12, students are provided access to an education of the highest quality.

We aim to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for all students, allowing them to reach their maximum potential

YC P – 12 has exemplary programs and is seen as a prominent school in the areas of student leadership, literacy and numeracy, together with visual arts, music performance, technology, sport and the sciences.

The underpinning philosophy of the College promotes high achievement by developing the learning capacities of all students.

College Principal Damien Keel
Assistant Principal Jo McCarthy

Prep to Year 4 Campus

Student Engagement Meagan Rae

Education Support Staff Sharon Powell and Wendy Saunders

Teaching Staff

Prep – Wendy Stevenson, Tracie Holgate, Kayla Brooks

Year 1 – Wendy Sharp, Kirsten Leary/Sarah Wollington, Jess Bonuda/Kristen Fraser

Year 2  Alaster Mitchell, Melita Purtle/Janine Myers, Belinda Pendergast

Years 3/4 – , Rebecca Bridgeman/Sarah Forster, Rosemary Foster, Sammi Till, Claire Smith, Nerida Mitchell

Art (Prep to Year 4) – Carmel Murray

Physical Education (Prep to Year 6) Carolyn Willett

Indonesian – Hui Soedjono

Welfare Support/Community Workshop Co-ordinator – Michelle Klowss

Education Support Staff – Annie Irvine, Mez Poll, Sarah Bruce. Karen Beggs

Reading Recovery  – Lyn McGough (Elisa Hargraves)

Library – Bernadette Quinn (Librarian), Kim McCarthy (Librarian Support) and Barry Bowles (Volunteer)

Out of Hours School Care – Brodie Powell

5 – 8 Campus

Front Office – Trish Burke

Engagement & Wellbeing Leader – Georgina Thomas

5-8 Teaching & Learning Leader – Travis Osborne

Year 5 Teaching Team – Cheryl Collins, Jason Bassett, Sarah Thomas

Year 6 Teaching Team – Donna Bigger, Matt Tregenza, Vanessa McKenzie

Year 7 Co-ordinator and Daily Organiser – Mark Hulme

Year 7 Co-ordinator and RACV Energy Breakthrough Leader – Andrew Sime

Year 7 Co-ordinator – Patty Lewis

Year 8 Co-ordinator– Chris O’Neill

Art Jess Daly

Music Tim Phillips/Alex O’Conor

Physical Education Carolyn Willett

Indonesian Hui Soedjono

Library Bernadette Quinn

Education Support Staff – Sharon Stevenson and Kim Levesque

9 – 12 Campus

Teaching and Learning Leader Senior School – Alistair Angwin

Engagement and Wellbeing Leader – David Rose

Careers and Student Pathways – Rachael Guppy

Student Support Team

Year 9 Support – Alison Knight

Year 10 Support – Shaun Fitzpatrick

Year 11 Support – Donna Taylor

Year 12 Support – Jeremy O’Brien

Student Welfare – Karen Rennie

Sports Co-ordinator – Jim Gillies

Literacy and Numeracy Leaders

English KLA Leader – Alison Boyd

Maths KLA Leader – Laurel Henwood

E-Learning – Tim Phillips

IT/Tech Support – Michael Clear and Jason Herod

Student Representaive Council/ Junior Council – Fleur Rhodes

Daily Organisers – Des McCormick

Leadership School – Jo McCarthy

Bus Coordinator – Damien Keel

End of Year Activities – Darren Ransom

Awards Night Co-ordinator – Karen Mullavey

Teaching Staff

Alistair Angwin
Alison Boyd
Jess Daly
Julie Denny
Adam Dodd
Shaun Fitzpatrick
Jim Gillies
Rachael Guppy
Laurel Henwood
Alyce Holland
Julie Kenealy
Allison Knight
Jo McCarthy
Des McCormick
Jeremy O’Brien
Alex O’Connor
Tim Phillips
Darren Ransom
David Rose
Fleur Rhodes
Cameron Scott
Donna Taylor

Student Welfare – Karen Rennie

Student Support Staff – Jeanette Blick, Raelene Davis, Deb Peters

Education Support Staff – Vicki Ramsdale, Leanne Keel, Karen Mullavey

Instrumental Music Staff – Alex O’Connor, Michael Brandler, Tim Phillips