2016/2017 Caravan Raffle (Permit No. 10694/16)

The winner of the Yarrawonga College P -12 Caravan Raffle (Permit No. 10694/16 has been drawn. Here are some details.

Ticket purchased at The Cod Classic (Event in Mulwala, Yarrawonga). Visitor to the town and the event.

(Winner Stephen a Plumber with three kids from Mt. Duneed)

The family is over the moon …….. they always wanted a caravan but could never afford it.

So there you go people – a visitor to the town of Yarrawonga who purchased a ticket at one of in our town at our local event.

We would like to thank everyone for your very generous support. You have been a part of something special and have supported a great cause with proceeds going back into our College to support our students and teachers.