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Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP)

The Victorian High-Ability program provides high-ability students in Years 5 to 8 the opportunity to participate in 10-week online extension and enrichment programs, in English and Mathematics. The virtual program, delivered by Virtual School Victoria, focuses on extending and developing students’ Mathematic and English abilities.

The program will stretch and challenge the minds of high-ability students and stimulate their critical thinking, problem solving and creativity in English and mathematics without accelerating them through core Victorian Curriculum.

The English stream’s theme is ‘Hope in Dystopian Times’. Students conduct an in-depth study of the dystopia genre and consider what makes or breaks a ‘perfect society’. A variety of texts are utilised such as novels, short films, and music clips. The students analyse, explore creative writing, and collaborate with their peers.

The mathematics stream’s focus is ‘A Whole New World of Math’. It is designed to stimulate the students’ curiosity and love for mathematics, plus build on their mathematical skills. Students explore networks, paradoxes, number patterns, new concepts and problem solving.