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Aims, Values and Mission

Aims for students

YCP12 promotes high achievement by developing the learning capacities of all students, enabling them to be:

Motivated lifelong learners striving to achieve excellence
Students who demonstrate respect, compassion, honesty and tolerance for others
Innovative and resilient learners, inquisitive of the world around them
Students competent in the essential skills of literacy and numeracy, allowing all to reach their full potential
Technologically capable students who can adapt to a rapidly advancing world
Socially responsible students who contribute positively to the community

Mission for staff

Staff will assist students to succeed by providing:

A broad, challenging, innovative and authentic learning environment
An ethos of respect, tolerance, compassion and acknowledgement of success
A differentiated curriculum based on best teaching practice
Access to the latest technology and ensuring their own skills are updated regularly
A supportive framework focused on mentoring and coaching through teamwork
A safe learning environment based on the principles of restorative justice
Quality opportunities for each student to develop a range of leadership capabilities

Values for YCP-12 Community

Integrity – acting ethically and fairly at all times, ensuring consistency between words and actions, upholding the College values in everything we do
Co-operation – working together, communicating effectively and supporting each other in a positive manner
Honesty – always being truthful, fair and true to oneself and others
Respect – treating others with consideration, being courteous at all times and acknowledging the beliefs and rights of others
Responsibility – taking ownership of our behaviour and actions and setting a positive example to others