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Celebrating a positive shift

On Wednesday the 17th of May it was my pleasure to facilitate the cross country for our Year 7 -12 students.

This College event was highly successful and demonstrated to me that due to the positive buy in by our staff and students the house cross country is still a relevant and vibrant event and part of our College culture.

The year 12 cohort is to be applauded by their high attendance and energy they brought to the event. They could quite easily have felt they were too busy or under too much pressure but interestingly they seemed to enjoy the distraction from their studies.

Thanks to all the staff for performing their role so positively and professionally, this ensured our students safety and enjoyment.

Thomsons Bus Lines did a wonderful job ferrying our kids to the start, which this year was at Kiffens Reserve. Our cross country vision is to offer six different courses over the six years of a child’s high school life.

The main idea I want to capture at this year’s event that I feel we should be so proud of is the positive shift many of our students demonstrated this year. We had students regardless of their year level demonstrating a positive shift in their thinking and actions.

  • Some students competed in their first cross country.
  • Some students went in the competitive cross country where previously they had participated in the fun run.
  • Some students completed the course running the entire way
  • Some students felt they wanted to compete, even though they wouldn’t “win” their age group.
  • Some students competed and for the first time gave their best effort
  • Some students gave their best effort again
  • Most students saw their responsibility to witness the presentations and celebrate the individual and house success.

When we unpack these great efforts we should reflect why was there so many examples of students demonstrating this positive shift in their thinking and actions. This is where our school community should be so proud: It is the families, students and teachers who have supported these kids and allow them to grow as positive young people; allowed them to feel comfortable enough to take a risk. This magic is happening every day in every classroom at our College. On Wednesday afternoon It was my privilege to watch this growth play out at the College Cross Country.

Jim Gillies Sports Coordinator Yarrawonga College Year 7-12


Age Group Champions

Male Female
13yrs Kobi Gallagher 13yrs Susie Levesque
14yrs Flynn Fletcher 14yrs Lara Langford
15yrs Jasper Danielson 15yrs Olivia Giggins
16 yrs Aidan Williams 16yrs Jess Barton
17 yrs Cody Howard 17yrs Hannah Keel, Jordy McCarthy, Elsie Freeman
20 yrs Ronan Pritchard 20yrs Maddi Gissing



House Results

House Points
Sturt 416  First
Hovell 363 Second
Hume 324 Third
Mitchell 275 Fourth