FAQs – Transition to School

When can my child return to school?

  • Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 10 VCE/VET only, Year 11 & Year 12 students return to school from Tuesday May 26th.
  • All other students return to school on Tuesday June 9th.

What will my children who aren’t attending school do?

  • All students from Year 3 – Year 10 will continue to learn in a remote and flexible way from May 26th to June 5th.

If I keep all of my children home will the school continue to provide remote and flexible learning for all of them?

  • If students are expected to be at school and parents choose to keep them home, remote and flexible learning will not be provided for these students.

Will my child be following social distancing rules whilst at school?

  • Advice from the Victorian Chief Medical officer states students do not need to follow social distancing rules at school.  The college will manage this by ensuring there aren’t any large unnecessary gatherings of students, eg assemblies, classes doubling up, etc.

What should I do if my child isn’t well?

  • If students are unwell they will need to stay at home and it is recommended that they are tested for the Coronavirus.  If a teacher recognises that a student is unwell, parents will be contacted to pick their child up from school.

Will there be precautionary measures in place to protect my child?

  • Extra cleaning of high use/high touch areas will occur for the rest of Term 2 and into Term 3.
  • Playgrounds will be cleaned throughout the day with disinfectant.
  • Students and staff will be reminded to regularly wash hands in the correct way.
  • Recommended hand sanitiser will be located at all classrooms.
  • Teachers will as much as possible make sure students use their own pencils/learning materials.
  • Students are not to share food/drinks/snacks.
  • All bubblers/drink fountains will not be in use – students will need to bring along a drink bottle and we will provide safe refilling taps.

Will I need to change the way that I drop my children off and pick them up?

  • Prep students will be picked up at 3.00pm preferably from the Woods Road Kiss and Drop.
  • Year 1 students will be picked up at 3.10pm preferably from the Woods Road Kiss and Drop.
  • Year 2 students will be picked up at 3.15pm preferably from the Woods Road Kiss and Drop.
  • Teachers will coordinate to ensure students from the same family are ready for collection at the earliest time.
  • Year 10 – 12 students will not require staggered parent pick-ups in the afternoons.

As a parent/caregiver can I socialise in the car park/kiss and drop or inside the school grounds?

  • According to Chief Medical Officers, the main reason we have been remote and flexible learning is not just directly related to student contact, it is mainly about adults moving around and spreading the virus.  Please keep your distance wherever possible.
  • Parents need to remain in their vehicles wherever possible, if leaving your vehicle ensure that the 1.5 metre social distancing rule is applied.

 What if I need to collect my child or see the classroom teacher?

  • The Department of Education and Training advice is to minimise parents and non – essential visitors onsite.
  • If a parent needs to come on site they should call the office to arrange an appointment or a return phone call from the appropriate staff member.

Can I order lunch or send my child with money to purchase something to eat?

  • Canteens across the college will not re-open until Tuesday 9th June.

Is the Big Breakfast at Pinniger St. or the Breakfast Program continuing to run?

  • Big Breakfast and Gilmore St. Breakfast Program will not start up until further advice.

Will my child be able to access Outside School Hours Care at the P-4 Campus?

  • Outside of School Hours Care will be re-opening this term, the re-open date will be decided at a School Council Meeting next Tuesday night.  Outside School Hours Care will not be open in the week 18th – 22nd May.

Will school look like this for the rest of this year?

  • At this stage the Department of Education and Training have given the college advice for the rest of Term 2 and into Term 3.
  • As advice from the Victorian Chief Medical officer changes regarding the safe operation of schools the department would change their approach to relax practices further.

Are all schools operating the same way?

  • All schools in Victoria receive the same directions from the Victorian State Government and we are required to follow those directions.

Will all Campuses across the College have the same rules?

  • Some rules may differ slightly between campuses due to the age and maturity of students. Eg;  Older students won’t require staggered pick up times because there aren’t a lot of students that get picked up, a lot drive themselves, catch a bus, walk or ride a bike.

Will Playgroup operate in Term 2?

  • Unfortunately Playgroup will not open during Term 2 due to Adult social distancing laws. We are hopeful that these rules can be relaxed down the track.  We will wait for Chief Medical Officer advice.

Where can I get more information about schools in Victoria?