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To all our families at Yarrawonga College P – 12


The Gilmore Street road will be receiving an upgrade in the beginning of November to create concrete Kerb and Channel and a wider road space including bus drop off on the Eastern side of the road.  The upgrade will include a concrete footpath that runs along the Eastern side of the road from Dunlop Street through to the cemetery.  Students travelling on buses will have three new bus shelters erected, one for each of the Campus year levels.

The road itself will have traffic speed control measures including a new roundabout at McLean Street, a Wombat Crossing in front of the P-4 area and reinstatement of the current supervised crossing amongst other speed minimising devices.  Another advantage of the newly designed road is that drainage points will be installed, allowing surface water to disperse quickly and efficiently.

I appreciate everyone’s patience (this has been over three years of work to get to this point) however the new road will make an enormous difference to traffic flow and student safety.  I am also very appreciative of the work Paul Somerville from Moira Shire has completed and the positive way he has worked with our school community.

Obviously during construction there will be some major disruptions to traffic flow along the Gilmore Street roadway.  To work towards a solution the College has invested in creating a temporary drop off point at the Woods Road end of the P – 4 Campus Oval.  The area has been cleaned up and a new temporary drop off and pick up loop is being created.  This will not be a parking area.  If you need to park your car and come into the school with your child the best option is to park on Woods Road or in the Showgrounds (near the 5 – 8 Campus).

Buses will also be impacted.  The possible solution for this disruption may be a drop off and pick up bus area on the 9-12 Campus using the existing infrastructure on Pinniger Street.  There is a drop off and pick up loop that buses would have no trouble navigating.  Students would be able to access all Campuses in a supervised and safe passage.

Further details on traffic flow interruptions and drop off and pick up points will follow as we get more information through from Moira Shire.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact myself on 5744 1751.

Kind Regards



Damien Keel
College Principal