LOTE (Language other than English)

Students in Years Prep to Year 2, Year 5 and Year 7 are offered as part of their curriculum LOTE.  At our College the chosen language is Indonesian.

Following are some brief descriptions about the Indonesian program at P-4 campus:

Term 1: Students learn how to say own names, to greet, to thank, to say good bye, count from 0-10, say some basic colours.

Term 2: Students review some materials from term 1 and learn how to say more about colours and family, identify sounds in Indonesian Alphabets, say a few classroom instructions and name objects in class.  Students also get introduced to number 11-20.

Term 3: Students learn number 0-20, pets and some general farmed animals, ask and respond to questions about someone’s age and school.  Students also learn to identify more objects in class, use “ini; (this) and “itu” (that), express likes or dislikes, describe feelings/adjectives, name days of the week and months of the year.

Term 4: Students review materials learnt in previous terms, learn how to tell times of the day, action words related to daily activities, identify parts of the body, food (including vegetable, fruit) and drinks, and telling hobbies.

All the above lessons are run using various teaching methods such as simulation, singing, reading aloud, games, computer activities, drawing and colouring.