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LOTE (Language Other than English)

At Yarrawonga P-4 campus we believe that learning another language broadens a student’s horizons and enhances all classroom learning.

The study of a foreign tongue improves the knowledge of one’s own language, it expands one’s world view and limits the barriers between people. Learning a foreign language leads to an appreciation of cultural diversity, and an interest and understanding of the different ways in which others live. Finally, a new and engaging language helps students’ understandings grow regarding their own personal relationships with the rest of the world.

As our student’s transition through the P-4 campus they are exposed to new ways of thinking and have opportunities to discover new concepts and ideas, as well as different cultures and histories. By providing opportunities to communicate with and about others, students can make links to themselves and their lifestyles and, in turn, learn to appreciate not only another language but a different way of life.

The Indonesian program at Yarrawonga College is based around three main ideas: –

*Whole School Themes

*Rich Cultural Content

*Highly motivational activities

Whole school themes, whilst taught at different levels, give all students a common language base which assists them to understand and enjoy presentations, performances or special activities and events.

As language and culture can’t be separated, each unit of work will integrate both aspects to give students a positive feel for Indonesia and the Indonesian language, as well as spark interesting discussions and further research on Indonesian traditions, beliefs and creative activities such as: painting, music, cooking, sport or games.

The merits of all activities are measured on the elements of fun and enjoyment, active involvement, and success. Therefore, the Indonesian program provides the students with the necessary experiences and knowledge to practise and to attempt to use the language, as they move through our college.