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Dear Parent/Caregiver

Damien Keel - College Principal

A very warm welcome to Yarrawonga College P-12, we value your child as part of our P-12 family along with you as the parent/caregiver.  For children to thrive at the College we need to ensure that there is a strong and ongoing partnership between parents/students/teachers and the community.  We are continually working on our communication between teachers and families, please ensure that you have the Compass App on your phone to receive all current information and communication.

What a great year for the entire Yarrawonga College P-12 school community 2023 has been.  A full academic program ran across the year with fantastic outcomes for students witnessed across all year levels.  Camps, Excursions, Sporting and Extra-Curricular opportunities have reached and exceeded pre-2020 levels which is wonderful for our students.


Through the National Assessment Program for Literacy And Numeracy, (NAPLAN) 2023, students in Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 have achieved at a high level in most areas.  Students have scored at or above Similar Schools and above the schools in our Network in all 4-year levels for Reading, all 4-year levels for Writing and 3 of the 4-year levels for Numeracy.

2023 YEAR 12

The Year 12 cohort from 2023 achieved some great results considering the lockdown fatigue they experienced in Year 9 and Year 10.  The College prides itself on creating future pathways for students and once again has been very successful in doing so.  College student destination data, (the percentage of students with a successful pathway when they leave school) is well above the state average and has been for many years.  All the very best to our 2023 Year 12 students who worked hard last year to achieve their goals, wishing all of you every success in your chosen pathway into the future.


The College is working hard to achieve the vision of 0-99 education provision for the community.  We are constantly meeting with stakeholder groups from the Local Government Area, Department of Education, Early Childhood and Adult Education/Learn Local.  When successful the next stage of the Capital Works Project will see the following new facilities/resources on the Gilmore Street site; Year 7 & 8 classrooms, Year 9 – 12 classrooms, Year 7-12 Science and Creative Arts classrooms, Gymnasium with full size Basketball Court and College Oval.


The college’s newly established Mental Health and Wellbeing Team has been instrumental in providing timely on the ground support to students and families.  This targeted support and referral that students can now access has helped to engage them into learning through a more strategic approach.  The college will continue to refine and improve processes in the area this year.


Yarrawonga College P-12 has successfully completed the four-year Review process to develop a new Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2027 last year, (please refer to the college Website).  I look forward to implementing the new Strategic Plan Goals and Key Improvement Strategies to achieve improvements on behalf of the entire Yarrawonga College P-12 School Community.  The college is well placed to continue to refine teaching and learning practice through Professional Learning Communities and further develop student voice and agency in learning to ensure students are engaged in classrooms daily.

The college has worked hard to attract, recruit and retain a strategic balance of graduate, medium and highly experienced teachers in all areas of the curriculum and as a result has a strong staffing profile this year and into the future.

Thank you to all members of our community for continuing to make Yarrawonga College P-12 a great place for students to learn.  We all look forward to 2024 being another wonderful year of learning and extra-curricular opportunities that make our college a fantastic place for students.


Damien Keel
College Principal