Dear Families

Thank you to all Yarrawonga College P-12 families and broader community, everyone has continued to do the right thing to ensure that there are no recognised active cases of Coronavirus in the Moira Shire. I totally understand the challenges of having children learning from home, I also have two daughters in the same situation. Naively, I thought we would be in the clear now and back to normal but we aren’t, unfortunately.

The situation is definitely looking more positive in terms of the number of new daily cases of the virus, they seem to be consistently reducing, which is great. Hopefully we should be heading back into school early next term. I don’t have any confirmation about a return date as yet, we are all hoping sooner rather than later, as soon as I know, you will.

All of our children are struggling for motivation at the moment, which is understandable. The college has intentionally reduced the workload for students where possible, we understand that everyone is doing it tough. A reminder to parents/carers to call the college on 5744 1751 if you have any concerns for your child/ren, we are here to help.

Our Year 12 students have had a tough year, congratulations to all of them! I find their resilience amazing considering that most of them haven’t been able to attend school as they should, as well as the other rights of passage that most of us have experienced like socialising as young adults, celebrating 18th Birthdays, getting their drivers licence…..and the list goes on! Keep going Year 12’s, we are extremely proud of you, the college is and will continue to do everything to support you through to your next stage.

A huge WELCOME to new families to the college who have children about to begin their education journey in Prep/Foundation next year, I am really sorry we cannot conduct school tours at the moment. It has been a mandate from the Victorian Chief Medical Officer for a few months now for all schools in Victoria.

We are really disappointed that we can’t show you around the school, as we are very proud of what we have created, together. Normally your child/ren would be involved in an 8 week program where they would visit the school weekly. At this stage I’m not sure we will be able to make this happen in Term 4, hopefully we can. In case we can’t, the Prep teachers and leaders at the P-4 Campus are working hard to come up with new and innovative ways to help your children settle into school before they begin their first day next year.

Keep at it, celebrate and recognise the small wins and achievements as a family like actually being able to learn at home. I understand that this is tough and not how we want things to be. We are all working together as a community and everyone should be very proud of what they have done to support each other. Please remember that you are not just supporting Yarrawonga College P-12, you are supporting the State of Victoria to get back on track.



Damien Keel
College Principal