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Numeracy – growing the next generation of mathematicians

‘Strong skills and confidence in learning Mathematics in primary school is fundamental to building a foundation for future engagement in Maths’, says Rebecca Bridgeman, P-4 Numeracy leader. She believes that a key to building this foundation is developing a growth mindset and valuing mistakes in an environment that supports risk taking, as this is where learning really happens.

The P-4 Campus develops the understanding that Maths is in our everyday lives and the centre of much of our thinking. From deciding how many events we can fit into our day, to adding up the cost of items or determining what size of space can we fit equipment in or turn our cars around in, we ensure our students see the importance and real-world relevance of the mathematical concepts they are learning.

At the P-4 Campus we use powerful questions to develop a deeper understanding of Mathematical concepts and we engage all students with ‘low floor and high ceiling’ tasks. These are investigations that give all students the opportunity to problem solve and develop their thinking and strategic skills. This differentiated approach allows all students to access the one task and to learn from each other’s successes and challenges as they trial different strategies.

At Yarrawonga College P-12 we believe that everyone can learn Maths. Teachers collect regular data so they have a clear understanding of each students’ learning needs and they provide a learning pathway that offers the right amount of support and challenge to each student. This builds every students’ self-belief and confidence, creating lifelong learners with a love of Maths.