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Ollie: Our Therapy Dog

What is a therapy dog?

A therapy dog is trained to provide comfort to people that may be experiencing a mental illness, anxiety, loneliness, stress, have additional needs (for example Autism, ADHD),  find it challenging at school with their work or finding it hard to fit in with peers.  The power of touch has an unspeakable potential, couple that with zero judgement and this is just the beginning of the work of a Therapy dog of Ollies nature.  Ollie has the ability to take fear, anxiety and stress out of a child’s day just by sitting and listening to ones efforts while they read, write or just be, without the expectation other then to be their best possible version of themselves.

To wake up each day with a purpose and know that when you go to school or meet with Ollie you will feel success is undoubtedly a positive measurable impact for any persons life.

Taking on the world is challenging but taking of the world for someone with additional needs is altogether another level of challenge.  Having someone in your corner that will encourage, assist, nurture and motivate these little legends in their daily task is what Ollie has been trained and instinctively knows how to.

Our Therapy Dog

Breed:  Labrador
Name:   Ollie
Age:      6 years old
Home life:  Lives at home with his family, Mark, Annie,Tanner and Hunter along with his paw pals “Scruff” the Jack Russell and “Spinner” the sausage dog.  In his down time he loves going for swims and runs down the river.  He loves to go camping as well.
Professional Life :   Ollie trained to be a therapy dog and passed with flying colours.  He now works with our Grade 4 students.

To follow Ollie and his weekly role at Yarrawonga College P – 12 please follow him on Facebook @olllietherapydog or Ollie – Therapy Dog Extraordinaire