Junior Singing Choir

Our Choir lead by our fabulous Primary Music Teacher is available to our Year 3 – 6 students.  Each week they get togegther to rehearse and train.   They have sang throughout the local community and also at the NEVR Youth Concert at the National Gallery of Victoria.

NEVR Youth Concert – Primary Choir

This is our second year being a part of the NEVR Youth Concert, Primary Choir conducted by Mark O’Leary and it has been such a fantastic opportunity for our students. Over 200 students from various schools in the North-Eastern region were involved in the primary choir alone, 700 students were involved altogether.

Our students have travelled to and from Doncaster for rehearsals, and to Melbourne for the grand performance at Hamer Hall. They made new friends, received valuable vocal coaching and most of all were part of an amazing experience, performing at a renowned performance hall in front of a very large audience.

This was extremely rewarding, for both the students and the teachers and parents involved. I couldn’t be more proud of the effort the students have put in for the event and the support they gave to each other throughout the experience.