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Students in the primary years (Prep-6) are engaged in a developmentally appropriate Physical Education Program run by a Specialist PE teacher for one hour a week.

“We strongly acknowledge the fact that regular, vigorous physical activity makes a positive contribution to children’s health.”

We offer a PE program which caters for their immediate physical development needs, while encouraging them to be physically active for life.

Our well organised PE program is designed to help children

– become fitter and healthier

– develop their natural tendency to play and explore

– develop movement competence and confidence

– refine the skills of body management and control, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination

– develop skills related to the use of equipment and apparatus through participation in pleasurable games and pastimes

– learn to move rhythmically and offer scope to express ideas and feelings

– improve self-confidence and social competence through successful involvement with peers, parents and teachers

–  become more able to cope with stress and anxiety

– overcome sexual stereotyping

Our program is designed to provide experiences which reflect:

  • Variety, Vigour, Vitality
  • Confidence and character building
  • Challenge
  • Achievement
  • Enjoyable hard work and play
  • Co-operation and competition
  • Individual and group involvement
  • Relaxation and adventure

Essential Learning Experiences

Our comprehensive PE program is structured so that year levels experience consecutive, developmental, complimentary and evolving units of activities with a whole school focus each term.

  • Fitness
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Perceptual motor program
  • Games skills
  • Swimming and water safety
  • Athletics
  • Cross country running
  • Bike education