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Visual Arts introduces the role of art, in all forms of media, in contemporary and historical cultures and societies. Students build an understanding of how artists, through their practice and the artworks they produce, communicate their experiences, ideas, values, beliefs and viewpoints.

In this study, students view artworks and investigate the working practices of artists from different cultures and periods of time. Visual Arts challenges students to articulate their understanding of the meanings and messages contained within artworks and to examine the effects of artworks upon the viewer.

Students develop skills in research, analysis, art history and criticism to interpret and debate the ideas and issues that are raised in artworks and, in response, they form and support personal points of view. Through exploration and experimentation, students develop skills in creative, critical, reflective and analytical thinking to explore, develop and refine visual artworks in a range of art forms, and to develop an awareness of appropriate health and safety practices.

Visual Arts equips students with practical and theoretical skills that enable them to follow pathways into tertiary art education or further training in a broad spectrum of art related careers.

Visual Arts also offers students opportunities for personal development and encourages them to make an ongoing contribution to the culture of their community through participation in lifelong art making.


This study enables students to:

  • understand how artworks reflect the values, beliefs and traditions of their own and other cultures
  • analyse, interpret and respond to artworks, ideas and concepts using the support of the Analytical Frameworks
  • critically evaluate ideas and issues used by historical and contemporary artists from different cultures, and examine and consider the different viewpoints expressed in commentaries made by others
  • develop personal ideas and expression through investigation and experimentation in art making
  • employ practical skills in art making and develop conceptual understanding to inform their artistic practice and aesthetic awareness
  • develop confidence to make informed opinions on ideas about the role of art in society