Art plays a vital role to play in developing an individual’s creativity, individuality and provides students with the potential to express themselves and their views on the world around them!

Year Prep – 6 students produce works that express and communicate ideas, experiences, observations and feelings. They explore and, with guidance, use a variety of elements, skills, techniques and processes, materials and equipment. Students experiment with construction, model clay, wax-resist, textiles, mosaics pattern work and various types of papers.

Years 7 – 10 both Visual Art and Visual Communication Design cover a wide range of art forms, media and techniques. At Yarrawonga College P – 12 our Year 7-12  students are provided with an opportunity to focus on their own ideas through making, creating and developing student’s folios as well as appreciating and understanding artists and artworks from various cultural backgrounds.

Our Art Department’s ethos, aims and practice provides programs that are both intellectual and practical.  Developing student’s artistic and experimental growth, we present students with problem solving situations that challenge them with their own ideas and teacher led tasks.

In Years 11 and 12 students are required to undertake self-directed projects, and to develop their own themes to work around. By generating their own ideas, decision making and final folios, students develop a responsibility for their creative growth.

Senior students participate in an end of year exhibition, and gain exposure to the practice of others via various excursions.