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VCAL Personal Development Projects for Unit 2

Our Year 12 VCAL Cohort have coming up with some great projects for this unit of work

Below are their Elevator Pitches for their project.

If you can help them in anyway or know of a good contact or mentor for this project don’t hesitate to contact Jim Gillies via email: james.gillies@education.vic.gov.au or by phone 5744 1751.

An elevator pitch is a short description of an idea that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time.


Research local heroes that died in the Second World War and build a picture  of what sort of person they were.

Share their stories.


JAYKE STELL / CONCEPT:  Celebrate Difference

Publish his Poem about celebrating difference through a Discord Server, (once launched) already created by Jayke;

He will invite the audience to be involved in his project.

The Project: participants will be given one line of his poem and they will be asked to illustrate and submit their illustration electronically (scanned) and / or physically.

The illustrations will be the centre point of a virtual Gallery.

Potentially the artworks could be exhibited and auctioned for a worthwhile charity


This is a big part of the “moto language.” It’s a universal term (or noise) used in multiple situations. It can describe actions, end a conversation, or tell a story. It comes from the  wonderful sound a 2 stroke bike makes while someone is riding it fast. Brrraaaaaaaaap!

Motor Cross

Develop a Power point highlighting motor cross and current elite riders

Investigate and highlight comparisons between three different motor bikes at three different price entry point.$5,000,$10,000, $15,000 Select what you think is the best value for money.

Presentation from a Local Motor Cross Champion. Either we travel or they come here.

LARA O’FARREL / CONCEPT:  Happy in the Jungle

Positive relationships. Develop a coffee table book using pictures of the animal kingdom to model aspects of positive relationships.

The book will highlight positive aspects of healthy relationships.

A one page info graphic. A one page where to seek support


JOEL JOHNSON / CONCEPT:  Social Media for beginners

Develop a resource that highlights different social media platforms

And explain how they work and how people use them

For example. Social News: Digg, Instagram, snapcatch, facebook, Whats app.

Media share: twitch, You tube and Bookmarking sites: Pinterest,

BRODIE MCCULLY / CONCEPT:  Everything Holden

Develop a timeline of Holden Cars

Pick the most popular Holden for each decade

And highlight design features and specifications

Organise a visit to spend time in a workshop, an opportunity to test drive a late model Holden and a ride in a high performance Holden

Research what is the future for Holden Internationally specifically and motor travel generally including concept designs

HEATH HARKNESS / CONCEPT:  Magnificent Manga

Manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. Most manga conform to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century, and the form has a long prehistory in earlier Japanese art. The term manga is used in Japan to refer to both comics and cartooning.

A visual presentation that will:

        1. Challenge why people don’t like the genre Manga
        2. Educate people about Manga


Develop a presentation that unpacks the Lyrics of the song Heaven by Kane Brown

Invite others in our College Community, through Social Media to share songs that mean something to them and why.



Develop a suite of social media posts that informs and challenges people on space travel focusing on the work on SpaceX and Elon Musk.


CHARLI CAMERON / CONCEPT:  Anyone can be affected by an eating disorder

Develop a Coffee Table Book that provides information about Eating Disorders, personal stories, where to get support, what suffers can do to make themselves safe.

The book will potentially be accessed at our Welfare Office and Doctors in School’s complex