The college is extremely grateful for the new buildings and learning spaces gifted to us as a part of our recent Capital Works project. I take a lot of pride in our college and what we have been able to achieve over the past twelve months for our students into the future. All three campuses are now within a two hundred metre walk of one another, which has been the vision of School Council for well over ten years.

The new Prep to Year 4 classrooms and Administration Centre are state of the art buildings and provide our students and teachers with the opportunity to learn and teach flexibly with spaces that can be either opened up or closed down. There are many learning nooks that provide students with a fun atmosphere to learn in, very different to traditional box shape classrooms. It is early days, however the teachers and students are loving the new spaces and have noticed how well the students are learning from each other, also how many more opportunities they have to teach and learn with each other.

I am confident in our teaching and learning practice, last year we began the implementation of the College Instructional Model and a Prep to Year 10 Assessment Schedule. Through the Instructional Model our teachers will further develop consistency of the language of teaching they use from Prep to Year 12 and the Assessment Schedule will ensure that teachers are obtaining consistent learning data across the board to plan for effective learning growth of their students. During 2018 our teachers will work to implement the High Impact Teaching Strategies from Prep to Year 12, these strategies are research proven to have the most impact on student learning.

In the Secondary years our teachers will work on implementing the High Reliability Literacy Teaching Practices which focuses on all teachers, regardless of their subject area teaching the important skills of literacy development to all students. In a nut shell that means that even in a Maths class, the specialist Maths teacher still has a responsibility to assist in the development of literacy skills through that class.

Our students have some amazing opportunities both at school and away from it, in some cases overseas travel as well. Last year we had students walk the Kokoda Track, learn and explore China, visit the Kimberley as well as go on some amazing experiences in our home state. This year we have some students who will be trekking in Nepal, which is exciting for them. We are extremely proud of our efforts to achieve great destinations for students exiting our college from Year 12 and last year was no different. Our DUX from last year scoring an amazing 94.55, along with some other great ATAR scores in the 80’s and 70’s. The vast majority of our students have been able to achieve their goals of either University, further adult learning, apprenticeships, traineeships or into the workforce.

Damien Keel
College Principal